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Performed at The Fountain Theatre
August 27, 28 and September 11, 2015

Sean Wilcox is a man in love and his three girlfriends are head-over-heels in love too. But Sean lives in a fantasy, because to everyone else his girlfriends aren't real. They're sex dolls. Sean's older brother, Cody is fed up. Tired of Sean's delusions of romance, he sets out to bring Sean back to reality and along the way discovers that sometimes you find love where you'd least expect it.

the cast
Jesse Abott Chin, Faith D'Amato, Kaitlyn Fajilan, Anthony Marquez,
Whitney Montgomery Nasi Nassiri, Izzy Pollak, and Joey Vahedi
the creative team

Written and Directed by Mara De La Rosa

Set Design by James Bennett

Costume Design by Nicholas Pilapil

Dramaturg: Sanaz Toossi

Stage Manager: Cindy Yoon

Producers: James Bennett, Mara De La Rosa, and Nicholas Pilapil

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